The Internet of Things:

6 steps to successful IoT projects

  • Benefits of implementing the IoT
  • Tips for being successful in IoT projects and avoiding failures
  • Insights into Industrial Internet of Things
    and Internet of Medical Things

What you'll find inside

Tips and Tricks

Learn how to be successful in IoT and avoid project failure

IoT Insights

Read more about our experience with IIoT and IoMT projects


Discover the benefits which IoT implementation offers

The benefits of IoT are many, but something that is common for most of them is cost reduction. Whether it is through better quality of products, fewer work-related accidents, or better tracking of shipments – the implementation of IoT typically brings in
significant cost savings for a company.

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A Swiss mindset with behaviours like consensus-building, pragmatism, integration, reliability and transparency have been deeply rooted in the ERNI culture since 1994. Together with our great crew, they are the basis for successful software projects.

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6 steps to successful
IoT project

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